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01.5 - why are insects are attracted to your backyard

What Attracts Insects to Your Backyard?

While you and your family enjoy your backyard, patio, and porch this summer, you may encounter flying or crawling invaders looking to hang out. These are not your nosy neighbors. They are bugs.

Insects are outdoor creatures by nature, preferring to spend their time where there is shelter, food, or water, which often positions them near humans. While most insects are harmless and pose a nuisance, others are harmful. Stinging insects and mosquitoes are two examples.

Mosquitoes may reproduce in as little as a half-inch of stagnant water. Bird baths, kiddie pools, grill covers, and potted plants in your yard may provide an ideal breeding habitat.

What entices insects to visit your garden? Escondido CA , your neighborhood pest, mosquito, and termite control – and grounds care – expert, would like to shed some light on the matter and provide suggestions for keeping your yard pest-free this summer.

Food that is easily accessible: Insects may find a variety of food sources in their backyards. Examples include flowering plants, fruits and vegetables, and garbage or compost containers. Flowers attract bees, butterflies, and beetles, whereas rotting organic trash attracts flies and insects.

Water sources: Backyards featuring water elements, such as birdbaths, ponds, or even stagnant water in containers, may attract insects. Mosquitoes, for example, need water to reproduce, so any standing water in a yard might be a breeding ground.

Places to nest: Various insects may find shelter and breeding sites in backyards. Examples include vegetation, tall grasses, trees, shrubs, and artificial buildings such as wooden fences or garden houses. Insects such as ants, wasps, and bees may construct nests or colonies in specific sites.

It is essential to recognize that not all insects are pests or dangerous. Indeed, many insects play essential roles in pollination, decomposition, and ecological balance. If you have concerns about specific problems or overpopulation of insects in your yard, call or phone Escondido Pest Control.


What can you do to keep pesky insects away from your yard? Here are Escondido’s six pointers to help you get there:

  1. While spending time outdoors, use an insect repellent containing an EPA-registered component, such as DEET, picaridin, or lemon eucalyptus oil.
  2. If you spend time in thick grass, consider wearing long trousers and tucking your pantlegs into your socks.
  3. To avoid mosquito breeding, eliminate standing water in your yard and regularly replace the water in birdbaths and kiddie pools.
  4. Trash should be sealed and covered with tight lids, and trash cans should be kept away from essential leisure areas. Cover any food to keep yellowjackets, wasps, and hornets at bay if you’re cooking outside.
  5. Ticks and mosquitoes may dwell and hide amid weeds and overgrown vegetation. Regularly trim your shrubs and maintain your lawn.
  6. Repair foundation cracks and holes. Around windows and doors to keep these pests out, install screens on windows and doors, and inspect pets and people before entering the house.

If pests spoil your outdoor activities, call us at (619) 900-6771 or our website We can assess the situation and provide effective pest control solutions tailored to your needs.

Escondido Pest Control appreciates your help in keeping pests out of your home and yard until the next time.