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Rodents may look cute but unless you’re keeping them as pets, you’re not going to want them hanging around your home for extended periods of time. Rodents including mice often carry diseases and can damage property. They often hang around trash bins, specific trees, garages and storage sheds, vegetable gardens and any other places they can find food. Mice lie culprit to chewing wires in automobiles and in homes which can increase the probability of a fire or malfunction. When allowed to frequent, rodents leave droppings that not only smell bad but can also be hazardous to your health.

Diseases Caused by Rodents​

Rats and mice come in many different shapes and sizes. All rats and mice are nocturnal- which explains why they can occupy space in your house, yet remain hidden from you for so long. Chances are, you won’t actually even spot the mouse or rat living in your house, you’ll just see their droppings and witness the destruction they have caused.

It’s important to contact a pest control company immediately if you think you have mice or rats living in your household. They are common carriers of many diseases: plague, typhus, salmonella (food poisoning), leptospirosis, rat bite fever, Hantavirus and Rickettsia Pox (transferred through rat and mouse feces), Shigella, Campylobacter bacteria, tapeworm, infectious jaundice, and tularemia. Rats and mice carry fleas which can also be carriers of disease.

Although rats and mice only actually eat a few grams of food a day, all food that has been touched by rodents should be disposed of to reduce the risk of disease. Unfortunately for the rat and the mouse, they are tiny creatures who have the possibility of creating massive amounts of destruction within your household and to the people who live in it.

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Different Species of Rodents

Field Mice

Field mice, known also as Deer mice, can live up to 20 months (but usually get eaten by predators within three months). They are usually colored orange or brown with a white belly and a yellow stripe on their chest. They are very small and range between 80 to 100 millimeters long.

Field mice create nests in the ground by burrowing holes. They eat field crops and can cause major destruction to rural areas and agriculture. Generally, they will only be seen inside of barns or sheds during winter to find food.

Norway Rats

Norway rats, or Brown rats, are larger and more aggressive than Roof rats. Their tails are shorter than their body and they have small ears and blunt noses. They can grow between 13 to 18 inches long.

Norway rats are scavengers and they prefer to live in unsanitary places, such as garbage. They are more likely to infest structures than Roof rats. Like Roof rats, Norway rats generally live less than a year but can produce 48 babies during that time period.

Roof Rats

Roof rats, known as Black rats, are smaller in size than Norway rats and are usually 10 to 14 inches long. Roof rats have larger ears than Norway rats. Their tails are longer than their bodies. They prefer habitats with lots of vegetation and standing water. Their diet consists of seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, but they will scavenge almost any kind of food if their preferred food source is scarce.

Roof rats ​are believed ​to have arrived on imported palm trees. Although they live less than a year-long, they can start reproducing after two months of age. Females can have up to six liters per year and in each litter, there can be eight babies. Knowing these statistics make it easy to understand why the Roof rat population is thriving.

House Mice

House mice range in color from brown to black, to white. They prefer to live in crevices on the ground but can also climb. They are small and can fit in cracks only one-fourth of an inch wide. Their preferred food choice is dry cereal. Checking your pantry could be a good indication of whether you have a House mouse.

House mice are active in all parts of the year, which means you could find them invading your household during any season. Because House mice are very curious, they can cause massive amounts of destruction to your house or property. They are known for chewing through clothing, wood, wires and housing infrastructure. House mice can start breeding after only 8 weeks and can have litters of more than 15 mice, almost 10 times a year! If you spot a House mouse living in your kitchen act quickly before things get out of hand!


Ants are extremely capable and intelligent insects. Though harmless, they can be a problem when they invade your home or business property.

Living with bed bugs, not to mention sleeping with them, can be very uncomfortable and unhealthy. Don’t allow bed bugs in your home keep you up at night, or bed bugs found in your hotel keep your guests complaining.

There are many different types of cockroaches to keep an eye out. No matter what kind you discover in your home or commercial property, it’s best to have them exterminated immediately.

Flea infestations constantly come from a pet dog or cat. The pests attach to the animal when it’s outside, and then infest its fur and the places it sleeps indoors.

You should take immediate action if there are rodent traces within your home. Among their many harmful effects include sickness, allergies, and rodent bites.

Spiders are frequently one of the most terrifying pests. Though beneficial for our ecology, most people choose spiders to stay outside where they belong.

Termites are a serious matter. In only a short period of time, a termite colony can cause lots of dollars worth of structural damage to your home. When you have a feeling termites on your property, you need to act right away.

When it comes to treating your yard, our experts have been educated to identify tick habitats and utilize the most effective treatments on the market to reduce the tick population in your outdoor space.

Preventative Controls

Sealing your place of residence is the best way to keep mice, rats and other rodents from entering your dwelling. It’s amazing to witness rodents squeeze through the tightest places, even those as small as a dime. Our inspection team will survey your residence to locate and seal as many possible points-of-entry as well as consult with you about food and water access which is likely why they are present in the first place.

Should you ever suffer an invasion, call us, and we’ll actively implement proactive treatment methods customized to your situation to keep rodents out of your home or business.