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Catching a glimpse of cockroaches in your home or business place can be very disturbing. They are associated with dirt and are known carriers of infectious diseases. 

Besides health risks, cockroaches produce a foul odor that contaminates food and objects they come into contact with. They are difficult to keep down and can breed very quickly. 

A prompt response at the very first sign of an infestation is important to control cockroaches in your property and finish off the spread of this pest to your neighbors.

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Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are attracted to a particular type of environment. Generally, that means warm, airless, and dark. This makes cracks and holes the perfect hiding place for roaches. Cockroaches are not only displeasing to the eye, but they are also a health concern; therefore, one must know what attracts them. Food is the major attractant for cockroaches, and it does not matter even if it is human or pet food.

Cockroaches Carry Diseases

Cockroaches aren’t just irritating; they can also carry diseases. Trying to exterminate cockroaches on your own can be stressful and it can take a lot of time. Don’t allow the health and safety of your family to be compromised while you try to DIY (do it yourself) cockroach extermination. Let the professionals at Escondido Pest Control eliminate cockroaches from your home or business so you and your family and customers can enjoy themselves without becoming disgruntled by these nasty pests.

Our process involves assessing the size of your home or business (inside and out), the scope of the roach problem, and the frequency of cockroach control treatment needed to come up with a custom plan catered to your specific situation.


Ants are extremely capable and intelligent insects. Though harmless, they can be a problem when they invade your home or business property.

Living with bed bugs, not to mention sleeping with them, can be very uncomfortable and unhealthy. Don’t allow bed bugs in your home keep you up at night, or bed bugs found in your hotel keep your guests complaining.

Termites are a serious matter. In only a short period of time, a termite colony can cause lots of dollars worth of structural damage to your home. When you have a feeling termites on your property, you need to act right away.

Flea infestations constantly come from a pet dog or cat. The pests attach to the animal when it’s outside, and then infest its fur and the places it sleeps indoors.

Spiders are frequently one of the most terrifying pests. Though beneficial for our ecology, most people choose spiders to stay outside where they belong.

Rodents may look cute but unless you’re keeping them as pets, you’re not going to want them hanging around your home for extended periods of time.

Get in Touch With Us – Professional Cockroach Exterminator

A do-it-yourself pest extermination can be done, but if the infestation is severe, it is recommended to call a professional. Our professional cockroach exterminators can locate the spots where the infestation is the worst and will be able to effectively treat the entire roach infestation for an affordable and reasonable rate. Our pest control service has additional products and equipment at our disposal that will make an important difference in how easily you are able to eliminate the problem in the end. We highly recommend consulting with us first before trying to conduct a do-it-your own pest extermination.