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Can Heat Be Used to Eliminate Bed Bugs?

Can Heat Be Used to Eliminate Bed Bugs?

Heat treatments are the standard method of eliminating bed insect infestations. Be aware that improperly applied heat treatments will not destroy bed bugs.

In the summer, what do bedbugs do?

It may be challenging, but not impossible, to eliminate bed bugs. High temperatures, if applied often and maintained for an extended period of time, can kill bed bugs. Bed bugs can only be killed by heating them to a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 90 minutes. Only a skilled specialist should attempt to increase the temperature in order to hasten the death of bed bugs.

Is it possible to kill bed bugs using heat in a residential setting?

It’s rational to seek a quick remedy for bed bugs, and many individuals do so by investigating DIY options first. Using electric space heaters, hair dryers, and other portable heaters is a common strategy for combating bed bugs. But how reliable are the results you might expect from these DIY strategies?

If you want to save money by killing bed bugs on your own, here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Pesticides, chemical sprays, and even heat can’t be relied upon to exterminate a bed bug infestation. Due to their diminutive size, bed bugs may conceal themselves in virtually any crevice. They can enter your home through crevices such as those in walls, seams, and even the box spring. They can escape and return if you don’t close and lock all the exits and keep a watch on them.
  • Depending on the nature of your heat source, it could be tricky to determine its precise temperature. It may be difficult to discern if the temperature is too high while using a regular space heater. Your phone’s heat could start a fire or damage other items that can’t withstand high temperatures.
  • Drying sheets and other items that have bed bugs in them can kill the bugs. The temperature needed to kill bed bugs should be far within the range of any functional device. There is a limit to how much laundry a standard dryer can dry at once. However, you can lessen the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home with you if, upon returning from a trip, you immediately dry everything that can be dried in a dryer. This is an excellent preventative measure against bed bugs, but it will not work if you already have an infestation.

Additional Methods for Eliminating Bed Bugs


Fumigation is spraying a building with large quantities of highly concentrated chemicals to eradicate any remaining bed bugs. Only qualified professionals should do fumigations, and not all pest control companies do. We are fortunate to have professionals who are familiar with a variety of techniques for eliminating bed bugs, including tape-and-seal fumigations, covered fumigations, and more.


Some liquid remedies are useful in the fight against bed bugs. However, this method is typically used in conjunction with other therapies. If this treatment should be included in your plan to get rid of bed bugs, a qualified pest inspector can advise you.