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9 Pest Control Expert Advice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of masks, gloves, sanitizers, and social distancing has become a way of life. While protecting our family against COVID-19 is still a priority, it is also critical to protect them from common pests that can cause mayhem in your house anytime. 

Following are the bits of advice from the experts to efficiently eradicate pests from your house during the pandemic.

Seal All the Doors

During the pandemic, make sure that all the doors of your home are properly sealed to keep out unwanted pests. If you spend time examining the entryways of your house, you will be astonished to find out the number of unsealed gaps present. These crevices are open invitations for these annoying creatures to enter your home.

Install a robust steel or aluminum threshold beneath your door to guarantee that insects do not make their way through gaps under your door. The use of a door sweep is another practical solution to seal the doors. The door sweeps are inexpensive equipment that can be purchased from any hardware shop.

Keep Your House Clean at All Times

One of the essential measures toward a bug-free home is keeping it clean. Pests prefer dark places to live since they dislike light and can consume practically anything, including paper. Avoid cluttering empty spaces with boxes, periodicals, and books, as they might serve as bug food. Another effective remedy to eradicate pests is to clean all floors, mattresses, and upholstery using a strong vacuum cleaner.

Repair Any Cracks or Holes

Due to the small size of most bugs, it’s not surprising that they can easily enter the homes through the tiniest cracks and holes, which the homeowners sometimes overlook. A particularly efficient pest control technique is to fill these holes and gaps on the house’s exterior.

Install Screens & Nets on Windows

As lockdowns and quarantines have become a norm these days, everyone is tempted to leave their windows open to enjoy some fresh air. While this has become one of the safest ways to cherish the surroundings and nature in the pandemic, it also invites mosquitoes, flies, and other pests into the houses. It is vital to install window nets and screens to prevent these perilous pests from entering your home. If any window panes or glasses are broken, fix them immediately to keep these insects out.

Keep the Surroundings of Your House in Good Shape

Keeping the gardens and lawns of your home in good condition has become essential to eliminate these pesky creatures, especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. A pest control tip that has always worked is to maintain your home from outside to inside.

As the surroundings of the homes can be perfect hiding spots for pests, cleaning up dried leaves and debris and trimming grass at regular intervals is imperative to eradicate any infestation.

Maintain a Tidy Kitchen

Pests flourish in a filthy, damp environment. Keeping the kitchen counters, racks, stove-tops, and drawers clean is crucial to avoid insect invasion. Try to wipe down such areas with a disinfecting cleaner regularly. Furthermore, food particles that are left in the open can attract insects like ants and flies. It is better to remove these particles from exposed places to avoid any infestation. Storing food in air-tight containers and cleaning the refrigerator regularly are some other pest control tips.

Garbage Should be Appropriately Disposed

Proper garbage handling and disposal are essential for preventing bugs from feasting on your trash. Make sure to dispose of the garbage twice a day and cover the trash can with a lid. Otherwise, a stockpile of waste can result in rat, rodent, and cockroach infestations. These infestations can lead to rapid disease transmission, especially during a lockdown.

Don't Allow Stagnant Water

Make sure the drains outside your house are clean and dry since stagnant water in the drains can lead to mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria. When the buckets in your bathroom aren’t in use, keep them dry and empty. Also, it is essential to dry kitchen utensils aptly to negate the growth of bacteria.

Apply Chemical Control Measures

Chemical products, such as aerosol sprays, are an excellent option for insect-proofing your home during the pandemic. Aerosol sprays outperform foggers because they can reach locations that foggers cannot. Look for an insecticide that contains both an adulticide and an insect growth regulator to kill adult bugs as well as their eggs, pupae, and larvae.