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What Should I Do About Swallows Around My Escondido Home?

What Should I Do About Swallows Around My Escondido Home?

Why are swallows in your house if they have long been a symbol of sailors? You might not be sure how to address the matter if you have birds in your Escondido house. But when you know what to do, it needn’t be that way.

Before the birds take over, you should look into Escondido animal control for birds. Swallows can be a difficult bird to get rid of when it comes to pest control, but with the correct knowledge and people on your side, it can be a simple process. Discover what kind of bird control services our staff at Escondido Pest Control can provide you in Escondido by reading on.

Swallows in Escondido: What Do They Look Like?

Why wouldn’t most little birds appear the same to you if they are so similar? When they decide to settle within your house, you mainly view them from a distance. Swallows are little songbirds that are frequently mistaken for bats at night. Here are some traits that can be used to identify these birds:

  • between 4 and 8 inches in size
  • Up to 13 inches of wingspan are possible.
  • blue, black, brown, gray, and red among other hues
  • sharp, short beaks
  • An especially forked-looking tail

It helps to know which bird is in your house before you start looking for Escondido bird animal control services. Common bird control techniques might not be an option if you or a professional has discovered swallows near your property.

Why Do Swallows Fly Near My Escondido House?

Because of the way they nest, swallows might be considered a pest inside and outside of your property. They construct a mud-type nest and always return after migrating, frequently bringing additional swallows with them. Here are several areas in and near your house where swallows nest:

  • Patios, 
  • porches, 
  • barns, 
  • tool sheds, and 
  • barn doors

On your property, keep a close eye on any shaded places. Once swallows have begun to nest, you cannot DIY your own method of bird control. However, if you are aware of the regions where they tend to establish themselves, you can keep a close eye out for them. It’s advisable to avoid performing pest treatment and bird removal yourself because it could occasionally be harmful to your health.

Swallows, Will They Return To My Escondido Home?

Upon finishing their season of nesting, did you realize that swallows are covered by migratory law? Once they have built their nests, they take off and travel widely. But these birds have a built-in GPS that always directs them back to their nest. During some times of the year, a bird control provider cannot remove an occupied nest.

Residential bird control is still a viable option, though. As soon as they take flight, you can take action ahead of the birds’ return. Once they’ve established themselves, these birds may receive a free location, but we can make sure that it ends here. Skilled staff can thoroughly clean the area to remove any feces and unpleasant items that might have been used as nesting material. Simply give us a call if you have any additional inquiries about the various bird control techniques we employ.

How Can I Eliminate Swallows Near My Escondido Home?

Give Escondido Pest Control a call when you need complete bird control. We constantly tailor our residential pest control services to meet your specific needs and have a friendly, educated team on hand to help you with this issue. At Escondido Pest Control, you can rely on us to always go above and beyond to earn your satisfaction.

To get rid of birds in your home and prevent them from returning, we can assist with first-rate residential bird control. Just give us a call, even though swallows are protected by migratory legislation once they nest. After they’ve “flown the coop,” as it were, Escondido Pest Control’s experts can clean up the mess and make sure they won’t return.