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Where to Find Rodent Removal Services

Mice are a type of rodent that can be found in homes in San Diego County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. This is because mice can’t live without food, water, and a safe place to nest. If the weather has changed a lot, they will often start to move into homes. They are also common in homes that were just built or are close to big open spaces. Mice are like rats in that they are scavengers that have adapted to live off of the things that people throw away. Both rats and mice eat food that people throw out. Mice are much smaller than rats, so they can fit through much smaller holes. Because of the way their bellies and tails drag, they often leave oil trails in their wake.

Mice are often accompanied by other pests that are just as annoying, like fleas, mites, and bed bugs. The feces and urine they leave behind could also be dangerous because they could spread diseases like the Hantavirus and the plague. Mice have a very high rate of having babies. Mice only need a few weeks to give birth, and a single female mouse can have up to 200 babies in a single year. This means that mice are very good at making babies. In order to build their nests, they will chew through wires, insulation, boxes, drywall, and a wide range of other common household items that can be found in attics, garages, and sheds. This is also what they will do to get food. How to get rid of mice?

Our Process

We will start the process of getting rid of mice by sending an experienced, state-licensed, and qualified expert to your property to do an inspection. This is the first step in what needs to be done. During this exam, the technician will figure out how bad the infestation is and where it is. Once we know where the problem is coming from, we’ll make a treatment plan that fits your needs and your budget. We use a variety of ways to get rid of mice, such as baits, glue boards, traps, and services that keep mice from coming back. 

The traps and baits will be put in places where children and pets can’t get to them. These places will be packed with care. After the first treatment, we suggest starting a regular treatment schedule to keep mice from coming back all year. We offer ongoing services to get rid of rodents every month, every two months, or every three months, depending on the size of your property, how bad the infestation is, and how much money you have to spend. Please let us know if you see any mice between treatments. If you do, we’ll come back at no extra cost to get rid of the pests.

House Sanitization

After the trash is gone, the area will be cleaned to get rid of any potentially dangerous substances that may still be in the building. When unwanted insects get into the attic, the ceiling, or the walls of a building, they often leave behind feces, droppings, urine, nesting material, birthing material, and other forms of excrement, as well as ectoparasites and pathogens. 

This happens a lot when insects can have their babies in the nesting material. It is very important that these contaminations and the dirty insulation are taken care of so that the renters don’t get sick or catch an infection. After removing any contaminants and dirty insulation from the area, the next step will be to clean it and get rid of any smells. Finally, new insulation will be put in so that the area is completely fixed.

Top-Quality Personalized Service

Escondido Pest Control not only gets rid of rats in homes but also gives its customers access to a large group of professionals who know how to fix things around the house. After the rats that were causing the problem have been killed and the affected areas have been cleaned, the process of fixing any damage that may have been done could begin. 

Your professional will look at your property and find all of the ways that rats are getting into your home. We will fill in all of the cracks, holes, and fissures we find so that mice won’t be able to get into the building in the future. In addition to fixing the insulation and wiring that have been damaged, our experts will also fix the HVAC ductwork and any other damage that your building has.