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Bat Pest Control & Removal

People know that bats can spread a number of dangerous diseases. If they decide to live in your building, they might bring allergies, parasites, and other health problems with them. Escondido Pest Control Company offers professional services to get rid of bats from your home or place of business. Our professionals who know how to get rid of bats will do an inspection of your property and come up with a flexible solution that is made to get rid of the bat problem you are having. Our plan gives protection all year long and uses treatment methods that are good for both the environment and bats. We’ll get rid of any bat problems you’re having so you can feel safe leaving your family and pets at home. We are truly the bat control and removal professionals.

Bat Removal Experts With Licenses

Having to deal with bats can be a pain, and they could even put your family in danger. Escondido Pest Control Company’s team of highly trained and experienced bat exterminators will make sure that these flying pests are no longer a problem after our treatments are done. After using strategies to keep pests out of your home, our pest control experts will also wear clothes that keep them safe from the dirty environment. This helps your house stay clean.


Bats are nocturnal animals, so a whole colony of them will leave your property every night to find food. Each time they fly, bats only go a short distance, but they do this many times during the night. Bats use echolocation to find places where they can get food. The frequencies of the sound waves that bats make are higher than what people can hear. Ultrasound is the name for these frequencies and the sound waves they make when they bounce off different things in their environment and then come back to make a picture. Male bats prefer to live on their own, so most bat colonies are made up of females. The presence of these large colonies could be a big problem for most people who own property. The droppings and urine of the bats make bat colonies smell bad, and when the bats leave their roosts at dusk to look for food, they make a lot of noise. If the bat colony is big enough, the bats’ waste could cause dangerous diseases like histoplasmosis to spread. The bats’ poop is what makes these diseases spread. This is then stirred up when people come and go from the property. As a result of the property’s state, the owners have to breathe in the bad smell and dangerous dust. During the first inspection, our skilled exterminators will get rid of the bats and find out where the problem started.

Escondido Pest Control Company promises that each and every one of its clients in Escondido Pest Control Company will be completely happy with the service. Our goal is to get the bats out of your house in a safe way, but if you are unhappy with the work we did, we will always try to find a solution to your problem and will come back to your home if we have to.

Bat Risks & Dangers

Most people don’t know that bats are the main way rabies spreads in the United States. Some people think that the number of infections is higher because most people don’t know much about the subject and tend to stay away from animals like raccoons and squirrels. People think that this is the reason why there are so many more infections. Others, on the other hand, think that bats are more agile than bigger rodents and animals and are therefore better able to bite people when they are sleeping. This is because bats aren’t as big as birds.

Even though their urine and droppings smell bad, bats are generally thought to be very clean animals. Bats are very careful about how they clean and care for their hair. As was already said, the foul smell that is often associated with bats comes from their urine and droppings, which are hidden under where they sleep. Bats can become aggressive when they think they are in danger, but when they are left alone, they are usually calm and not aggressive. Bats are very smart, and with their echolocation system, they can find even the smallest bug in the dark. Because of this, bats usually won’t attack a person on purpose unless something makes them angry enough to do so.

How bats are treated and how they are killed

Escondido Pest Control Company is proud that the materials it uses to get rid of your bat problem are not bad for the environment. When we’re done with the process, we’ll make sure your plan is as effective as possible and promise that your stress will go down as a result. We have a lot of experience and know that bats are very important to the ecosystems where we live. Still, we will be careful to remove the bats in a way that doesn’t hurt them if at all possible.

Bats Are Left Out

The first step in getting rid of bats from a building is to find out where they are getting in. Our highly trained bat exterminators will look in places on your property where bats are likely to be roosting. Bats often make their homes in places like attics, rooflines, wall voids, sheds, and garages. Once we know where the bats are hiding, we will block off any entrances to your property so that bats can’t get in. Our professionals also have the tools and know-how to get to places where bats are hiding that are hard to get to. We also do everything we can to get rid of the bats without hurting them.

Bat Repellents

Most chemicals that keep bats away are made with ingredients that are similar to mothballs. When the material is moved, it sends out dust into the air, making it hard for bats to breathe. Because of this, the bats are forced to look for somewhere else to live. Experts from Escondido Pest Control Company will help put in place preventative measures that are meant to reduce the amount of time people spend around bats.

There are many types of bats

Big Brown Bats: These brown bats are about the same size as other bats, but their faces and front limbs are darker than those of other bat species. In the United States, you can find big brown bats. At night, these bats eat bugs. During the day, though, they eat whatever is on their eaves and shutters. This kind of bat is one of the most common kinds to live in the western part of the United States.

Red Bats: There are a lot of red bats in the western part of the United States. You can tell them apart by their bright red fur and wide range. Not only do these pests eat other bugs, but they also like to hide during the day under the leaves.

The California Myotis is a type of bat whose short, tan fur makes it stand out. They are most likely to be seen at dawn when they are out looking for bugs and hiding in cracks and crevices in trees and other places.

How to Stop Bats

Sealing up any holes or entrances that bats could use to get into your home is the best way to keep them from living there. It is very important to check to see if bats have already made homes in hard-to-reach places. If you don’t do this, you risk blocking the bats’ way in and maybe trapping them. The best way to do this is to wait until nightfall and then watch your entrance(s) to see if any bats are flying out of them looking for food.

You can also keep bats from coming into your home by using sprays that are made from things that bats don’t like. These sprays are made with essential oils that bats don’t like the smell of, and they may sometimes keep bugs from getting in through cracks or other places where they could get in. These essential oils don’t smell good to bats.

Another option is to put bright lights in the areas around the access points. Bats don’t like having their sleep cycle messed with, so if you turn on a bright light nearby, the bats will probably leave.