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Where Can I Find a Tick Control Professional?

Ticks are a significant concern for our clients and California residents this year. This winter was mild compared to previous ones, preventing the natural tick eradication that regular freezing winters cause. Tick season typically begins when the weather warms, and as spring approaches, homeowners become increasingly concerned about ticks attacking their family members and pets.

Once attached to a host, ticks can transmit disease to humans and animals in a few minutes or as long as a few days. We’ve compiled a list of tick-borne conditions for your convenience so that you can be prepared.

How to Avoid Getting Tick Bites

We recommend you take precautions before going outside this year because tick activity is higher than usual. You may come into contact with sick ticks when walking your dog, relaxing in the park, or in any other situation, including tall grasses. Ticks can thrive even in your backyard.

Ticks, tick bite symptoms, and tick prevention are covered in detail by the CDC. Using insect repellent, removing ticks as soon as possible, using pesticides, and limiting tick habitat are all ways to avoid Lyme disease. We’ll go over these techniques and your options further down.

Repellent for Bugs

To treat boots and garments, it is recommended that permethrin-containing treatments be used. Spray all exposed skin with EPA-registered insect repellents containing DEET and other approved compounds.

Quickly Remove Tick

Avoid attempting to remove a tick using methods other than those recommended by the CDC, such as twisting, applying Vaseline or petroleum jelly, squeezing, burning with a match or lighter, or applying nail paint. Catch the tick with tweezers as close to the skin as possible and drag it upward instead.

How can I get rid of ticks naturally?

According to the CDC, some insect repellent products in the United States are no longer required to be EPA-certified. In the 1990s, the EPA evaluated the safety of the active ingredients in these unregistered goods (but not their effectiveness). The EPA concluded that all-natural plant oils used in insect repellent products, such as peppermint, thyme, eucalyptus, garlic, and others, were safe for humans and posed little risk to health. According to the EPA, these items are all-natural and do not need to be registered.

The EPA has not evaluated the efficacy of essential oils, but they have been deemed safe for topical application. Proceed with extreme caution when using natural tick repellents and cures. If you plan to leave your yard, you must use the proper tick repellent. Using the EPA’s tool, determine the best repellent based on your time outdoors, the specific pest you need to avoid, and other factors.

Where can I get tick repellent in my area?

Knowing what to look for when selecting a company is the most effective way to find a reputable pest control service that provides tick treatments. Before signing up for a seasonal tick service, you must speak with each company that provides tick services to residential homes to learn more about their offerings. When choosing the best pest control company to treat your yard for ticks, inquire about pesticide usage, service guarantees, treatment frequency, and level of expertise.

For more information on getting rid of ticks, contact us at Carlsbad Pest Control.