Covid-19 Alert: Escondido Pest Control Company is still open for business. We have put in place and will continue to re-enforce safety measures to protect our staff, our customers and the people of California.

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8.2 - pest control prevention

Pest Prevention Tips for Home and Garden

Unwanted guests, commonly known as pests, have the uncanny ability to transform a serene abode or a thriving garden into a battleground. However, there’s no

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Opossum Pest Management

I find opossums in my yard because… Opossums are large marsupials that are native to the rural areas around southern California but owing to human

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Signs that Bed Bugs Are in Your Home

Bed bugs are among the most obnoxious pests. They’re also adaptable: being natural travelers, they may quickly spread to new homes, offices, hotels, airlines, and