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Pigeon Pest Management

Pigeons are monogamous and may deposit one to two eggs. These eggs will hatch around eighteen days after the pigeon lays them. Only during mating season are pigeons able to create babies. Pigeons will continue to connect with the same couple for the duration of their lives. Young pigeons are given pigeon milk, which is created from food that both male and female pigeons have regurgitated. Only when a pigeon is lactating or pregnant can it produce pigeon milk. Only when they are carrying young can pigeons produce pigeon milk. The spring and fall seasons are generally the times of the year when mating occurs the most often, but it may happen at any time of the year.

The pigeon colony must be completely eradicated from the area for the Escondido Pest Control Company specialists to be successful. They thus use a variety of humanitarian exclusion techniques. Our highly qualified staff makes the roosting and nesting areas undesirable so that animals stay away from them. The construction of sloped resting areas, blocking off access to voids, and using landing-prevention devices are additional effective solutions. These are all beneficial. Use of scare balloons, plastic birds, or plastic snakes is not advised since, for the most part, they are ineffectual save for a very little period of time. However, their usefulness might only last for a short period of time. Another important preventative action is to prevent pigeons from accessing any food or drink that has been left out. Food and beverages left out in the open are attractive to pigeons. Pigeon feeding is not permitted at any time in areas used for commercial purposes. This covers every single public area. A knowledgeable Escondido Pest Control Company team member will assess the infestation and provide treatment options that are suited to both your unique needs and the limitations of your budget. Escondido Pest Control Company also offers cleaning and restoration services for places that have been harmed by pigeons or other kinds of birds. These services are meant to make up for the damage the birds did. Creating a maintenance plan for bird control is advocated, and it is suggested that this schedule be followed once every two or three months. This is done in order to get the best outcomes possible. Additionally, we provide services that are just required for a certain event’s length. We would appreciate a call as soon as possible if you have any queries concerning the bird control program that we provide. Please make every effort to comply with our request.

A Few Brief Remarks About the Way Pigeons Carry


It is common for people to unintentionally feed pigeons by either dropping food or leaving it out in open trash cans. Pigeons prefer grains as their main source of sustenance. When hungry, pigeons may become violent. If given the chance, pigeons will eat the grains that humans feed them. Pigeons like to rest in locations that are elevated far above the ground, thus if steeples are present, you can expect that they will build their nests to stop such buildings. Pigeons may also easily build nests in a number of other high places. Pigeons have been seen to raise their young in a number of isolated locations, some of which include the holes that can be seen on the outside of buildings.


Pigeons depend on humans for food and places to roost and build nests since they are unable to live without these necessities. Pigeons also rely on people to provide them with somewhere to sleep and feed. Like other birds, pigeons rely on people to provide them with places to roost. Grain elevators, feed mills, and storage facilities are only a few examples of the many industrial infrastructure types that are often found near agricultural regions. They may often be found in close proximity to parks, buildings, bridges, and other built structures in metropolitan environments. This is particularly true in heavily populated areas.


Pigeons are unclean birds that may cause damage to property in addition to being a health issue. They are infamous for producing garbage that hastens the destruction of historic buildings and monuments and raises the possibility of accidents involving people. This is due to the fact that it increases the number of bacteria in the environment, which causes the aforementioned outcome. The most dangerous diseases that pigeons are known to spread are cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and food poisoning. It has been shown that pigeon droppings may contaminate food. Pigeon droppings have been shown to contain bacteria that are harmful to humans. Additionally, the excrement that these animals leave behind might encourage the growth of the fungus that causes histoplasmosis. It’s possible for people to get this sickness. Numerous other parasites, in addition to fleas, lice, mites, and ticks, may be present on these birds. These parasites include a few examples: These birds might very well carry the aforementioned parasites. If the nest is not adequately maintained, it is also possible for it to get infected with pests, such as those that dwell in preserved objects.


The places that raptors and other animals utilize for breeding and roosting must be made less attractive to those creatures by property owners. We’ll restrict access to voids, provide resting areas with slopes, and use landing-prevention technology as a type of support. The usage of scare balloons, plastic birds, or plastic snakes is extremely seldom effective for anything more than a very brief period of time. These goods often only work for a little period of time. Pigeons have access to a possible supply of food and water if you leave any food or beverages out where they may discover them. Giving food or drink to pigeons in a public or commercial area is against the law.