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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Purchasing real estate is a huge financial commitment that requires careful protection. When disaster strikes, like a fire or flood, homeowners insurance steps in to help cover the cost of repairs. Does home insurance cover termite damage, though?

Whether or not termite damage is covered by homeowners insurance, why it is, and what more you can do to protect your home from these pests are all topics we’ll discuss in more depth below.

Is home insurance liable for termite damage?

In most cases, homeowner’s insurance will not pay for repairs caused by termites. Fire, lightning, hail, and hurricanes are only some of the perils covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policies. Many standard homeowners insurance policies require its policyholders to purchase separate policies to cover disasters like earthquakes and floods, on the grounds that the risks involved may vary based on the home’s location and architecture.

A homeowner’s insurance policy might pay for repairs after a termite infestation. This, however, only occurs in the case that a covered occurrence, like a fire, also causes damage to the dwelling in question.

Why is it that termites are not covered by standard home insurance?

Insurance policies typically cover the costs associated with abrupt, unexpected disasters that are either inevitable or unintentional. The homeowner’s actions did not affect coverage for damage to the home that resulted from a “covered peril” or “act of God,” such as lightning. Most insurers, however, take the view that termite damage may be prevented.

It can take a termite colony up to five years to reach maturity and begin generating swarmers that will invade and damage your home. Because termites can be detected and eradicated prior to causing extensive damage to a home, insurance companies consider prevention the homeowner’s responsibility.

Signs That You Might Have Termites

Keeping a close look out for pest symptoms around the house is the simplest way to prevent expensive property damage. Although termites in the United States are typically located underground, the damage they cause is easily identifiable.

When termites leave their underground nest to scout your home, they may leave mud tubes around the structure’s foundation or chew holes in any exposed wood. Termites have been known to swarm and land on window sills and other parts of the home, where they may shed their wings. If the timber is deteriorated, cracked, or hollow, termites are probably already at work within the house.

Prevent further damage from termites by doing regular perimeter inspections of your property.

Steps to Take If You Suspect Termites

If you find termites or signs of termite damage, you should contact a pest control company right once to schedule an inspection. Preventing expensive home damage requires prompt detection.

Escondido Pest Control’s qualified professionals can evaluate your home for termite damage and install a barrier to prevent further infestations for a fraction of the cost of correcting termite damage.