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Identifying Centipedes in Your House

Identifying Centipedes in Your House

Where Do I Find Centipedes in My Home?

Scutigera coleoptrata, commonly known as house centipedes, can be found all throughout the United States at night and is also the scientific name for this bug. They have worm-like bodies that are very lengthy. The quantity of black patterning determines whether they are light or dark brown. These insects range in size from 1 inch to 112 inches in length and have 5-15 legs, depending on the species. Centipedes thrive in dark, humid environments like pantries, linen closets, and cellars. When they’re hungry, that’s the only time they emerge from their den.

Do centipedes in the home bite? 

Centipedes inject a toxin into the insects they eat, but this is nothing to be alarmed about. However, if they are threatened, they may bite. 

Nighttime Biting

The exterior, the exterior walls, and the foundation fissures are all good hiding places for centipedes. Night creatures, despite their diminutive stature, are notoriously difficult to spot because of the darkness in which they thrive. But if you feel like little critters are crawling or biting you in the night, it’s likely that you have centipedes in your house. They pose a significant threat despite not biting humans. Bites might therefore originate from insects.

Small Centipedes

Once inside, house centipedes immediately begin reproducing and laying eggs. These eggs will eventually hatch into crawling young centipedes that will invade your home. Babies tend to take on the physical traits of their parents.

Why do centipedes venture indoors, exactly?

Infestation by house centipedes can be indicated by a number of telltale symptoms. Among the many attractions of human dwellings for centipedes are:

The number of insects and other pests in your house has increased.

Several insects and animals can bring centipedes indoors. Because these creatures feed on insects, you should be prepared to take swift action if you spot any in your home. Pest insects including cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and others are fair game for house centipedes. Therefore, eliminating pests entails eradicating the food source they rely on. If you want to put an end to a centipede invasion immediately, this is crucial information to have.

They can’t stay outside because it’s too chilly. 

Like many other pests, house centipedes seek refuge from the cold indoors during the winter months. 

Where do centipedes get in buildings, exactly? 

Holes and fissures on the floor are an open invitation to centipedes. After entering, they go straight to a wet, dark area and sit down. They make their homes in crevices like those found in sinks, tubs, and the floor.

Quick Centipede Extermination Guide

The following are some effective methods for eliminating centipedes from your home.

Use adhesive to attach the straps. Pests like home centipedes can be located and eliminated with the use of sticky straps. Some pests can be identified with their help as well. You may get sticky bands at any local convenience store.

Using insecticides is encouraged. Poisons should be used if there are many insects in the home. Some of the poisons are so lethal that the animal can’t even move. Long term, this causes harm to the animal’s neurological system and ultimately leads to its death.

Keep the house safe from flooding. If we don’t get more water soon, the remainder of them will stop coming, and some of them will die. Another device that can be used to eliminate moisture in the home is a dehumidifier.

When you notice a gap, you need to fill it. It’s possible for these pests to enter your home through crevices.  Remove any empty areas close to the glass in the windows and doors. Hide the contents of the basement behind a screen window.

Find the Right People to Talk to

Like other pests, house centipedes may be a major annoyance. Their presence can indicate an ongoing infestation because they feed on other insects. If you live in California, now is the time to call in a pest control service. Escondido Pest Control are available around the clock and will do everything it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.